Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting Fonts

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Why Would You Need Handwriting Fonts

Sometimes it may seem that something is off in the format of your blog. Maybe it looks too formal? Then why not move from dull newspaper-styled outlook to something more poetic or fun? In order to restyle your blog that way you might want to utilize a handwritten-like font. 

There are a number of fonts on the Internet which resemble actual handwriting and can thus make your text seem more personalized, as if a real person’s hand has put these lines on paper. We have picked some handwriting fonts for you. If you ever feel the need to restyle your blog, feel free to check them out! All of them are available for download, but make sure to check the terms carefully before downloading.

Top 20 Handwriting Fonts to Try Out


Looking modernistic and slightly unbalanced, just enough to set a somewhat relaxed tone for your texts. Western European letters, numbers and major alternate characters are available.


No, it does not bear any counter-culture traits. In fact, this font is very neat and simple. Calligraffiti is single-weight and contains 228 different characters.

Dancing Script

Beautiful, lively and informal, this font could bring new energy even into a plain boring announcement. Imagine using it for some really captivating stories! 

Fair Prosper

This font is designed after a marker pen style. It looks bold and luxurious which makes it a good choice for describing brands or rolling out breaking news. Fair Prosper contains capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and major special symbols.


Informal and visibly unbalanced, it resembles a quick note written for a friend or a colleague. All upper- and lowercase letters together with numbers and special characters are available. GoodDog has enjoyed significant popularity as it has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its release.

Gunny Rewritten

Quite a neat and friendly-looking font, copying the actual handwriting of its creator Vit Condak. This is a 2nd improved version of this font, with capital & lowercase letters, numbers and major special characters available. Gunny Rewritten supports major European alphabets, including Greek and Cyrillic.


Looks rather bold and stylish. This font could be a great choice for competitive brands or rock festival announcements! However, it is free for personal usage only. Commercial licenses are to be purchased via its creator’s Måns Grebäck’s website.

J.D Handcrafted

Brush handwriting, looking relaxed and informal. It supports a complete set of characters and is the most popular product of its developers, the Emerald City Fontwerks studio.


As suggested by its name and its artistic outlook, this font should be quite suitable for blog posts or articles with some personal notes. Journal contains all major upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols.


Looking slightly reckless but elegant, resembling fountain pen style. Basic Latin letters, numbers and major special characters are available.


This font is nice and neat, while still less formal than any print-like ones. L’Engineer supports quite a lot of characters, including special letters of Spanish, Portueguese, Polish, and a few other Latin alphabets plus also Greek and Cyrillic. Moreover, the italics version is also available.


Slightly unbalanced, but looking quite lovely. This one is named after its creator, a designer and DeviantArt artist Maya, also known as Linny. She has accurately depicted her own handwriting in it, which many people have liked. Definitely worth trying out!

Mink Type

Brush type font with 3 different shapes available for each letter, uppercase and lowercase. Can help bring diversity into your texts, helping to highlight certain phrases, differentiate headings or add eye-catching call-to-action elements.

Novito Nova

Letters look straight and balanced but some tiny details leave an overall cozy, informal impression. Novito Nova was developed by a Russian designer Nina Pu, so it supports Cyricclic as well as Latin. Besides, both bold and thin formats are available.

Over the Rainbow

Quite a rebel-looking style, with some letters (especially lowercase) and characters looking quite unconventional. That being said, this font could definitely be used to express freedom and spread positive vibes. Its creator, Kimberly Geswein, has picked this style as a sure-fire way to make readers smile.

Shopping Script

This casual and somewhat relaxed looking font seems like a good choice for advertising texts. A demo version supporting basic Latin letters, numbers and major characters is available for free personal use. The full version is to be purchased via the designer’s website.

Stay Writer

Simplistic and slim letters, each one carefully designed to add beauty into a creative text. It may encourage fiction writers and designers to love what they are creating and to keep up the good work. Basic Latin letters and numbers are supported, and the bold version is available.

Something Wild

‘Terrible Like a Wild Beast’ – this is how its developer describes it. There is actually something hardcore and free in these rash lines and unbalanced letters. Might be worth a try for some underground project or some outstanding edgy texts. 

Whatever It Takes

This font looks like an imitation of classic high-school handwriting. Mind looking back at those years? Or aiming to reach out to the hearts of your target audience of college freshmen? If so, why not give it a try. Plain and bold versions are available. Personal and non-profit usage is free but you will be asked for a donation if planning to use it for commercial means.

Wild Youth

The lines of this brush font look rugged and free. But if you look at complete words, there is an overall feel of elegance and style. This one could be a nice choice for a certain mood: e.g. when writing about adventures or just pondering over our everyday life with its challenges and contradictions. Basic Latin letters and numbers are supported.

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